Monday, October 08, 2007

The Suckiest Wingnut Strategy Ever

The wingnuts are going after kids now. Graeme Frost, a twelve year old, gave the democratic response about how the S-CHIP program helped his family. Crazy wingnuts including Michelle Malkin are now stalking his house, printing lies about the family's financial situation, and being major league assholes.

I encourage their effort.

The unwashed masses have a talent of listening to bullshit peddled by disinformation artists, and lapping it up like gravy. It won't work with health care. This is not an abstract concept such as homosexuality, for those whose family members and/or friends are still in the closet. It's not like living in an all white neighborhood, and pretending that blacks being screwed doesn't impact "real people".

Everybody in the middle class has to deal with health care coverage. You can't lie to people who are paying massive premiums as easily as telling them that Saddam is Hitler with nuclear weapons about to hit Bent Elbow, Nebraska. Telling people who have seen health care premiums rise by double digits while their paychecks are flat that there is no crisis is not flying.

Let's have this debate.