Friday, September 28, 2007

Radical American Politics

Why is American radicalism discussed seriously by the serious people. The Conservative Party in England has embraced the reality of global warming, is for gay rights, and is debating being more tolerant in other areas as well.

For example, David Willetts has criticised what he termed "the war on single parents", whilst former Conservative Party Chairman Brian Mawhinney observed that the party had "created the impression that if you weren't in a traditional nuclear family, then we weren't interested in you".

Does this sound like our GOP at all? Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards might have some policy disagreements with the Tories, but they wouldn't find themselves too far out of the mainstream in the conservative party in the UK.

Many if not a majority of most "conservatives" in Europe accept universal health coverage. They often want taxes lowered, but don't subscribe to batshit crazy ideas like trickle down economics, and happen to be economically conservative. They believe in balanced budgets in other words.

The fact that our culture, and our media doesn't act as if the people in the GOP leadership today are extremely radical hides the fundamental reality that this is not how people govern through out the world. Would Dwight Eisenhower recognize these bat shit crazy people running the GOP today?