Sunday, August 12, 2007

Trade David Broder To Peru

David Broder once again writes an article on trade that is filled with rhetoric but lacking in substance. The democrats are being obstructionist by not giving President Bush fast track authority on trade. Even worse, some of the presidential candidates are suggesting that renegotiating NAFTA should be on the table! How could they think such illogical thoughts?

The problem with this column once again is that it assumes facts that are not in evidence. Has NAFTA been good or bad for the American economy? Has it been good for Mexico and Canada? Like Thomas Friedman, Broder hasn't met a trade agreement he doesn't like. There is never evidence on what these accords accomplish, or how workers lives are changed by the agreement.

All those manufacturing jobs that paid $30 an hour being replaced by $10 jobs tends to annoy the working class. This concern is not mentioned. Free trade is wonderful. It's free. Anybody saying otherwise must hate freedom.

This is the level of debate in DC. Broder does nothing to elevate the discussion. There seems to be an attitude that working people need to shut up and take it, and by addressing their concerns, you are pandering to the rabble.

In his last book, Al Franken noted that journalists in DC were far more enthusiastic about trade agreements than the American people. If their jobs were going to Bangalore, perhaps their attitude would change.