Monday, August 27, 2007

Top 10 List: New Attorney General Edition

Top 10 excuses democrats will use to cave during the hearings the new Attorney Genereral.

10. This is actually good news for Republicans.

9. This is a time for biparisanship

8. Our stragegists think fighting would make us look like obstructionists.

7. We are afraid of upsetting the 28% who supprt Bush because they may be swing voters.

6. David Broder called us names.

5. We are waiting for medical technology to perfect the spine replacement procedure.

4. It's wrong for one side to politicize the justice department.

3. It's all in the past. Can't we just get along?

2. It could be worse. At least it isn't John Bolton.

1. We really aren't sure if we want to win in 2008 anyways.