Friday, August 03, 2007

Cutting Through The Crap In Politics

Mitt Romney addressed by real person, with real health care issue needs freaks out. I encourage all people to get in the candidates faces and force them away from platitudes.

"Are you a Massachusetts resident?" Romney asked.

"No I'm a New Hampshire resident," Griffen said, and then added, before Romney could jump in, that "we pay over $1,000 a month for our insurance. Then we have co pays. Every time you go to the doctor, it's $50 a visit. Then you have co-pays for our prescriptions. Can you tell me what your co pay is?"

"Yes," Romney said. "$10 for each prescription."

"That's very nice isn't it?" Griffin answered dryly.

"Yes. What are yours? Romney asked.

"Mine are like $30-$50. I have three sick children."

This waitress has a daughter who is diabetic, and another who has Crohn's disease. She should have every right to know which candidate is going to do something on health care that addresses her needs.