Thursday, August 02, 2007

All The President's Enablers

Congress shouldn't impeach Alberto Gonzales. That would be too hasty according to the editorial in the Washington Post today. They shouldn't request a special prosecutor either. That would be too expensive. Sure, Gonzales is a crook, but let's take care of him Fred Hiatt style.

In Mr. Gonzales's case, there's a good alternative to such extreme measures. The senators put their request for a special prosecutor to Solicitor General Paul D. Clement, who is functioning as the acting attorney general on these issues because Mr. Gonzales is recused. Mr. Clement, in turn, has the option of referring the matter to Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine.

This is just as good! The democrats can hope that Clement gets the Inspector General on the case. This is much more effective than impeachment. When the IG starts investigating, heads start to immediately roll.

Mr. Fine and the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility are already investigating apparent contradictions in the testimonies of Mr. Gonzales and former aide Monica M. Goodling over the U.S. attorney firings. And since at least last November, the inspector general has been examining Justice's use of the surveillance program.

For nine months now, the obviously illegal surveillance program has been under investigation. There should be a report issued by the time the Chelsea Clinton administration is sworn in to office. I think the IG could crack the whip and get this report on Alberto Gonzales done in a year. Then in August 2008, if we are lucky, he can recommend a special prosecutor, or as an alternative put Gonzales on double secret probation. In September, right before the elections we can get congress to fund the office, and staff can be hired, the investigation starting to roll just as Alberto Gonzales is leaving office.

Or we could ignore the Washington Post and shit can Gonzales for being a lying creep.
One of the two would work.