Thursday, July 05, 2007

Words Not Deeds

As somebody who blogs, the irony doesn't escape me, but I am sick of words and nothing but words being used as the main weapon of choice by democrats against the behavior of the Cheney/Bush regime.

Robert Wexler is introducing a resolution in the house to censure President Bush for commuting the sentence of a member of his staff who might have info on him and Dick Cheney.

What if this censure resolution actually passes? Then what? Bush will feel chagrined? No, he won't give a flip. Tony Snow will be out there the next day saying the democrats just are playing politics, and the ditto heads will eat that up. Nothing will change.

When it came time for a battle of chicken with a President hitting sub 30 approval ratings when the Iraq issue came up, the democrats blinked, and gave us more words. It's boring. It's pointless. It's got to be over.

How about less words? Either do something or just shut up. If a sherriff rebuked a criminal with a strongly written letter, instead of arresting him, the sherriff would soon be voted out of his position.

Geneva conventions, torture, wiretapping, WMD stovepiping... Let's give Bush some serious sense of the house resolution. That will sure fix things.