Tuesday, July 31, 2007

When Bill Bennett Was 64.

Like the rest of us, Kathryn Jean Lopez is super duper excited about Bill Bennett having a birthday. All the kids in my household are out at the store thinking of presents to bestow upon the man who has meant so much to this family throughout the years.

Happy Birthday" wishes to Bill Bennett who celebrates his 64th birthday today.

A quick story: I had run into him a month or so ago with a friend in Washington. That night, said friend mentioned at her family dinner table that she had met Bill Bennett during the day. One of her children responded: “Oh I know him, he wrote The Book of Virtues.” Another of her children interrupted: “No, silly, he was drug czar.” No, the third, protested, “Bill Bennett was education secretary.”

They totally made this up. It's like the kids in commercials demanding "rich chocolate ovaltine" in casual conversations. If these three kids do exist saying such nonsense, they better be home schooled because they would get their asses kicked even on a private school campus in the suburbs.

I remember Bennett best as the gambling addict who lost millions of dollars while preaching morality to the country and being linked to a muscle bound dominatrix.
The rumor about conservative moralizer William Bennett and his forays into Las Vegas sleaze aren't going away anytime soon. Of course, readers will recall last year's revelations about Bennett's gambling habits during Las Vegas trips. Knappster also hinted last year that there were other, darker tales floating around. Some of those have now surfaced in other media. Basically, reporters from a few news outlets are trying to find out what Bennett's relationship was with a muscular Las Vegas dominatrix. Someone close to the woman has been providing details about the alleged relationship. The source has even provided links to video snippets of the dominatrix during weight-training sessions. Yikes.

But then again, I don't have the Bill Bennett action figure that has a kung fu grip on a copy of the Book of Hypocrisy.