Monday, July 09, 2007

Mo I Rana

Mo i Rana is where my father grew up in Norway. If any Norwegian readers stumble across here, I want to know how you rate it. The last time I was there, I was two and my mind is foggy on the details.

Dad had moved from Norway to the states at age 12, and had this great idea that he was going to bring up the family back in the homeland. My parents sold all their furniture, most of their belongings, and towed me and my older brother to our new home country. After a few weeks, Dad said this sucks, and we went back to America and settled for a bit in Seattle. There apparently is a law in the US that Norwegians must live in Minnesota, North Dakota, or Seattle.

It may just be wanderlust, or the Bush Presidency, but I am thinking of at least visiting Norway in a few years when my boys are older. My father is still a citizen of Norway so the embassy said we could move there without a problem. Mrs. Trifecta isn't too keen on that. She has heard about lutefisk.

Any Norwegians feel free to tell me the real story about my father's birthplace. It would be alot easier there for me with my name. Very common there, not so much here.