Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mitt Romney Is On A Roll

The Smyrna Breeze (circulation 35 or something) has decided that it isn't too early to give out an endorsement for 2008.

Although the Florida primary is more than six months away, we believe it is important to get behind the candidate we feel is best suited to be the next president of the United States: Mitt Romney.
We feel his vision and leadership are vital to providing for our national interests as well as economic stability and growth in a shrinking world market.
Romney is not the frontrunner in the Republican Party, but he is the clear candidate of choice in looking at former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's liberal politics and Sen. John McCain's old-school Washington insider status.
On the Democratic side, when all is said and done, the victor will more than likely be Hillary Clinton, who leads in the Democratic polls, is the best financed and has a strong ally in her husband and former president, Bill Clinton.

The idiots amongst us are real. If Romney wants to keep this big momementum going I suggest he put on some Aqua Velva and woo Chris Matthews with a cubano.