Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let The Decider Decide (Along With The Market)

Michael Gerson has experience as George W. Bush's speechwriter, so you just knew that when the Washington Post hired him as a columnist, he would have powerful things to say about topics such as health care. Today, he hits all the notes including a statement that we need to be more bipartisan and civil. You go to with the columnists you have, not the columnists you need or want.

At the same time, Democrats are in full overreach mode, intent on stuffing themselves at the endless buffet of liberal opportunity. Their proposal -- a $50 billion increase over five years -- represents a barely hidden agenda. Instead of reasonably expanding a successful program, they want to bloat SCHIP beyond its original purposes -- to cover more and more adults -- as a step toward their utopia of government-run universal health care. And this overreach actually reduces the prospect of political agreement that would bring swift help to uninsured children.

There are serious gaps in health insurance for grown-ups, not just children. But here the administration is correct: The answer is not SCHIP and Medicare for everyone. For the hardest cases, public programs can be useful, but all Americans benefit from the innovation and quality of a predominantly private health system.

He is a real asshole isn't he?