Friday, July 20, 2007

Impeachment Is On The Table

One could rant hysterically about the latest outrages perpetrated by the Bush Administration and be justified in doing so. Yesterday was a bleak day for the constitution. George W. Bush stated that the fifth amendment does not apply to those he deems to be terrorists and he can seize all your assets by his word alone. The Bush administration also claimed that congress has no authority over the White House if the executive claims privilege, even denying the congress access to the courts to redress their grievances. Jeffrey Taylor, the US attorney for D.C., is a protege of Alberto Gonzales and will not assist congress in litigating it's authority.

Today is the time for citizens to act, mobilize, and coalesce in defense of the constitution. It is not the time to let other issues, agendas, and petty differences fracture those who feel our constitution is a document worth defending.

Organize a protest, or be part of a gathering that has already been initiated. Write to both your Senators and your member of congress demanding that they redress your grievances. Just as importantly, write your state legislators as well asking that they write state bills requesting that congress take action against an out of control executive.

The media has a big role to play here as well. It's time for them to quit pretending that "balance" means a he said/she said game. Write to your local paper, and to the large national papers and request that they editorialize in favor of impeachment.

Our system of government is under attack from within, it is our job as citizens to defend it.

Update:Impeachment and conviction is likely to fail. Now finally, it doesn't matter. We don't shirk away from charging somebody with murder because there is a chance they may walk. Stating that President Bush can get away with wantonly violating the constitution until we are absolutely 100% positive that he can get convicted of it is cowardly, and does a dishonor to the founders of this country. They set a balance of powers out of fear of an overreaching executive.

If congress does not act, the next President will be given these "constitutional powers" by default. Fans of George W. Bush don't seem to comprehend that if George W. Bush can declare himself above congress, torture people, reject the right to a day in court, declare that he can waive the fifth amendment, President Edwards, Obama, or Clinton are handed those powers as well. Is that what you really want?

Do conservatives want President Edwards to decide that an anti abortion group are terrorists and they don't need to be brought up on charges? Do conservatives really want President Obama to seize the property of anybody who challenges his authority? I thought Hillary Clinton terrified you folks. Do you want her to have the power to ignore any oversight by congress by stamping every document, email, visitor log, and conversation as being protected by Executive Privilige?

Presidents come and go. We agree with some, and object to others. Our constitution remains. It's our job to defend it's contents.