Friday, July 20, 2007

Freepers Discuss Mitt Romney's Make-Up

I’m certainly no romney fan, but this info is a big “So what?” for me.

Yeah, well John Edwards has to spend 1,200, so whats your point you Democrat Hypocrit!

$300 for a professional job before a national audience is not so outrageous.

Big deal. He's worth $250 million or more. Since we're all Reagan fans, what's wrong with some money "trickling down" anyway? Fine with me.

Just a hit piece on Romney

I like Romney and I am happy if he works to stay good looking.

Trust me, Romney doesn't need makeup or primping. It's another hit piece put out there by the left, and all the boob bait people are grabbing it.

In my very conservative district, my R congressman started wearing makeup even when home in the district. Even a couple of times when he went hunting on a ranch. It was kind of silly and we all chuckled about it, kept voting for him until he retired.

What’s the cost of the hundreds of Botox injections the Hildabeast gets BEFORE any appearance in daylight? Are we in a “bidding war” to attack only the candidates who spend too little?

This has been another edition of right wingers tying themselves into knots to keep the cognitive dissonance in place.