Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Excessive Sentence

When the CIA requested an investigation into who leaked Valerie Plame's name, Scooter Libby obstructed justice, lied to the FBI, lied to the grand jury, and there is no doubt of that. Because of this leak, the CIA front company Brewster-Jennings was exposed, Valerie Plame's CIA career was effectively ended, and any person who made contact with Brewster-Jennings "business employees" overseas were put in mortal danger.
President Bush says that receiving thirty months for lying to the FBI and a grand jury investigating this matter is excessive.

The federal mandatory minimum for possessing five grams of crack cocaine is five years in prison. Picture five packets of sweet & low. That is the amount of crack cocaine needed to guarantee you at least sixty months in federal prison.

Bush is being ridiculous, and is probably obstructing justice. What I would like to point out just as an aside to Bush's inanity is how we treat white collar criminals in the USA as composed to the poor. You loot savings & loans, leaving twenty-one thousand people wiped out of their life savings like Charles Keating did and you serve four and a half years. If only he had five grams of crack too. Then he would have been a serious criminal.Michael Milken did two years, and got to keep about a billion dollars too. Our system is upside down. Ivan Boesky did two years as well.

White collar criminals should be punished more heavily. The wags in DC, LA, and New York scream that they have families. Nothing was more sickening than reading James Carville and Mary Matalin bleat about Scooter's kids. These poor black men have wives and kids often. Write a fucking letter for them. How about that?

Middle and upper class people seem to think of poor people as less human, less deserving of compassion and redemption. How many people have been sent to prison for a very long time for nickle and dime drug offenses while the defenders of Scooter Libby have enjoyed grilling in the back yard, not giving a shit?

Just wondering.