Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Constitutional Amendment Against Hypocrisy

If a member of congress or the president sign into a law penalizing a non violent consentual activity, or publically endorses a set punishment for "these crimes", there is no statute of limitations applicable to them if it is revealed that they committed the offense themselves. They shall be tried to the fullest extent of the law.

It is tiring to read yet another story about the moral police who have used drugs or prostitutes in the past, then voting in laws to put people away in prison for a long time for something they have done themselves. If holding marijuana means hard time, fine. You should confess, resign from congress, and do the prison time you deserve.

Laws that only catch a modicum of infractors, especially those of a moral nature, are unjust by their very nature. If 100 people smoke a joint for everyone imprisoned by it, what lesson is the person in jail on our dime going to take from this? The only job he can get now is at McDonalds? If he wasn't caught, he could have been the Senator from Minnesota? That means you Norm Coleman.

If we are serious about moral crimes, lets go all Orwell. Random urinalysis of everybody every day. Spy cameras on every street corner detecting who is having sex in a non missionary position.

Otherwise, just give it a rest. That means you David Vitter.