Thursday, July 05, 2007

Australia's Honest. They Are In Iraq For Oil

The defense minister for Australia has acknowledged that a large reason why they are in Iraq is due to interest in the oil that flows from the country. The honesty is refreshing. It's treating people like adults.

The US stating it's only a coincidence that we are interested in Iraq, Iran, and Venezuela because we are concerned citizens is insulting to anyone with intelligence. It's a dance that is going out of style faster than the Macarena.

The fact that our intervention for oil security has only made matters worse makes this dishonesty all the more pathetic. A pet theory of some is that by being honest about our foreign policy will force us into making wiser decisions.

If the Sudan was sitting on Saudi Arabia's amount of oil, the U.S. would be in Darfur now. We all know it, butrefuse to acknowledge the patently obvious fact that our motives aren't pure as the driven snow. In other words, our government treats us like children.

To the day, a supermajority of Americans has no idea of the history of UK and American involvement in Iran going back nearly a century and how that has shaped what Iran is today. We are good, they are evil. Who needs to know more than that?

My guess is the people running things in thirty years when another conflict, real or manufactured, pops up in the middle east again, and we again are shocked about attituded in the area.

We are there to secure the oil. Democracy and peace would be lovely too, as long as the oil keeps flowing. If a team of scientists wrote a report saying that the oil fields in Iraq were about tapped out, any ideas about how long it would take for President Bush to reverse course? Let's be honest here, just to try something different.