Monday, July 23, 2007

Ann Althouse Comes Out Of The Closet

Alleged Law Professor Ann Althouse typically doth protest too much. Sure, she voted for that whacky lunatic George W. Bush, and she criticizes fellow female bloggers for blogging while having boobies, but she is a feminist by God. Today, she finally comes out of the closet as a conservative. The context is a spat with Greg Sargent at TPM over a video of Rudy Giuliani yelling "Bullshit" at a rally in 1992 that had white cops in the audience holding racially offensive signs denegrating then Mayor Dinkens, while Rudy cheered them on.

You should have put that in your original post, too, loser. We bloggers were responding to your post, not generating new material. Your post wasn't about the larger context. You know damned well that you just thought you could make conservatives tremble because the guy yelled "bullshit." We called bullshit on you for that.

Do you kiss your children with that stale wine soaked dirty mouth? Feminism doesn't mean you are a woman with a career. Your friend Michelle Malkin may wear the pants in her family, but feminism is about the empowerment of everybody, not having the temerity to earn a paycheck.

Like military intelligence and jumbo shrimp, your claims of being a right wing feminist are an oxymoron. Begone, and we will call you if we need the next American Idol season vlogged. Your 15 minutes are now up.