Monday, July 23, 2007

ABC Radio News Pisses Me Off

Every time I happen to be in the car, and the ABC hourly news comes on, they seem to engage in one piece of Republican propaganda each time. Today, they were reporting on "a report" that states that Sunnis in Iraq are tired of the "cruel" Al Qaeda leadership and are fighting back, but sadly they only are brave enough to do it because we are there. If we leave Iraq, they will all just be foot soldiers for Osama.

Seriously, it was that blatant. There was no sourcing, no balance, no questioning why this "report" seemed to be Bush administration agit prop. Just "a report" is all.

How come we need an Exxon funded "scientist" for balance when discussing global warming, but Bush administration bullshit on Iraq often goes unchallenged? This drives me bonkers. We are told we need paid hacks to balance a majority position, but when crap is being peddled, it needs no "other side".

Why is that?