Wednesday, July 11, 2007

1 in 86 Norwegians Is A Millionaire

How can that be? They are all stinky commies who provide social services and tax the wealthy at a substantial clip. Yet, there are still many wealthy Norwegians.

No other country has more dollar-millionaires per capita than Norway, Roger Gullqvist of Paris-based consulting firm CapGemini told newspaper Finansavisen.

A new study compiled by CapGemini and Merrill Lynch showed that one out of every 86 Norwegians has more than USD 1 million (about NOK 5.8 million at current exchange rates) in net worth even when the net value of their primary residences is excluded.

Without residences is quite a stunning figure. Much of American's wealth is tied into home equity. 1 in 86 is pretty decent odds for a child growing up in Norway. We desperately play the lottery here in the hopes that we will strike it rich at astronomical odds.

We give tax breaks to our rich who are becoming even more rich while the poor get poorer, and the middle class stagnates. We have nearly fifty million without health care, because we can't be like those socialists, who hate the rich, except that they don't.

If Americans ever grow up and start thinking for themselves instead of trying to impose an American theocracy, their standard of living might improve just a wee bit. Nah, let's go bash some gays, protect the flag, and defend the virtue of Janet Jackson's nipples instead.

Oooh look, a shark attack! What was that Brittney Spears did?