Thursday, June 28, 2007

You Don't Know Dick: Part 2

In Today's exploration of the secrets behind the secretive Dick who is our Vice-President, Jon Stewart examines the Google Earth pixilation effect. The White House is clear as a spring day, but the Vice President's mansion is pixilated in the picture on Google Earth. We americans may need to be wiretapped, our email's read, our mail read, but Dick Cheney deserves the right to privacy.

Jon Stewart helpfully pointed out that mapquest provides a map to Dick's residence. If you are in the area, follow the law, wave a sign. You might even want to yell "Hey, You Dick!" or "Hey you, Dick!" depending on your point of view.

I repeat. Obey the law. Dick might send you to Electroscrotumstan even if you do follow all local ordinances. Freedom just isn't free anymore.