Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What Is Wrong With This Country?

Michael Moore has been bumped from his slot on Larry King Live tonight because the hotel heiress who must not be named is being released from prison. We could have a debate on the best ways to fix a health care system that leaves 45 million people uninsured, or talk about how prison is not hot.

The sad thing is that this was a very good business decision by CNN. The ratings should be through the roof for this episode. As journalism, if you can call Larry King a journalist, this is crap.

Many of the viewers of this episode won't have health care coverage. The reason why politicians don't take the American people seriously when they say they want it fixed is a mystery to me.

There is always Ann Coulter on Hardball tonight for the full hour. Somebody please kill me now and take me out of my misery.