Friday, June 08, 2007

What If A Majority Of People Believed In Santa Claus?

A local tv station ran a survey they reported on the news tonight that showed 43% of people believed in global warming, and 43% didn't. Well, that convinces me. The subject is too controversial to do anything about. The people have spoken.

If a majority of people believed in Santa Claus, should a legislature ban burning fires in the chimney on Christmas Eve in order to protect the big fella? Some of these surveys are getting to be similar in lunacy as to this proposal.

The reason there are representative democracies is that hopefully the people elected will actually study the issue to know the facts. They also will be willing to risk their seats and say no, if the public demands clean chimney laws for December 24th because a rash of Santa revivalism sweeps the nation and people are demanding better working conditions for the bringer of toys.

Although I believe the war in Iraq is wrong, and 70% of the public agree with that position, I don't take comfort in that fact. Some of these same people believe Elvis is alive, Astrology is infallible, and that Bigfoot roams Washington State.

Our system of government is so corrupted by money that the founders concept of citizen legislatures who do the right thing and duly represent their constituents is not functioning.

Global warming is agreed to by most scientists. Many of those who demur are funded by people like Exxon-Mobil. If there is a point of no return on the environment and the politicians are waiting for better polling data, instead of scientific data, then doomed we are indeed.

For now I am cleaning my chimney out, just in case.