Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Telling U.S. Automakers To Grow Up For Their Own Good

Once again, Democratic representative John Dingell acts as a co-dependent parent for Detroit auto companies and kills off a rise in fuel standards in the new energy bill.

Dingell acts like a parent who gives their kids ice cream for every meal of the day and expects to be loved and appreciated for the effort. The environment, the economy, our foreign policy are all effected negatively by our addiction to oil. The detroit car companies won't do what is in their own best interest. Talk to GM about health care costs if you want another example.

With rising demand for fuel from China and India, and questionable long term supplies, gasoline prices are going to keep rising over the long term. Detroit's response will be to make more SUVs because they are stupid that way.

Dingell thinks he is helping his good buddies in his home state by allowing them to continue to produce vehicles that won't sell well on the market, because he is very stupid on this issue. Japanese car companies that already meet these standards are not going to get increased sales due to a rising standard, it would be American companies. By being forced to sell more fuel efficient cars, they would attract more buyers interested in mileage, who are forced to look elsewhere right now.