Monday, June 18, 2007

Some People Are Too Stupid To Breed

Raleigh – The emergency contraceptive widely known as the "morning-after pill," which has been available over the counter since August, isn't carried in about 40 percent of North Carolina pharmacies, according to a survey conducted by an abortion rights group.

But 11 percent of the roughly 600 pharmacies NARAL surveyed earlier this year said they would require a prescription for all women seeking Plan B. Nearly two-thirds of respondents said they were unaware the drug was effective for up to 72 hours after sex. Quoted prices for Plan B ranged from $20 to $500. "Our survey found that a lot of the pharmacists had a lot of misinformation," said Amy Woodell, a statewide organizer for the group, adding that it plans to use the results to educate pharmacists and the public. "I think it was surprising."

But critics argue Plan B encourages promiscuity and unprotected sex, and some pharmacists have refused to sell Plan B on moral and religious grounds. They argue the pill can cause early abortions because it sometimes prevents the implantation of a fertilized egg to the uterus.

These pharmacists and right wing lunatics shouldn't be allowed to have kids. They are damaging this generation enough as it is. What moron would actually believe that there are people saying to themselves, screw birth control bills, forget condoms. I will have unprotected sex and pay up to $500 to find me a non intellectually challenged pharmacist to fill a prescription for plan B. That is my plan and I am sticking to it.

Here's a question. So what if people are promiscuous as long as they are single, and are part of two consenting adults who choose to have sex? How do you tell exactly who is the good girl who got forcibly assaulted by a pack of five men, and who is the skanky slut who deserves that nine months of pregnancy and eighteen years of raising a child because she spread her legs a bit too easily?

Pharmacists are who we seek for guidance on these matters as a rule. I consult my pharmacist regularly on faith, disciplining my children, and proper lawn care and tool maintenance. Perhaps these pharmacies can have a questionnaire form the women can fill out to determine their worthiness. If they had unprotected sex and feel horribly guilty and depressed about it, and didn't really enjoy it at all, maybe a "moderate fundicrat" might wave her through with some sort of special dispensation.

Until then, let's slip some of these fundies plan B, and call them Pat Robertson's amazing vitamin pills.