Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Self Fulfilling Prophecies.

Tucker Carlson, heiress to the Swanson Frozen dinner line, was a Hillary bashing tonight on his show. He brought out a poll that showed that uneducated non college graduate women loved Hillary, while those who had their degrees were Obama fans.

I am not supporting Hillary in the primary (IANSHITP), but this is just bogus. College educated women at this point don't have any magic. The implication throughout this program was that people who were intelligent, who got more information would learn to hate Senator Clinton.

Or.... people who are educated tend to watch shows like Tucker Carlson's and Chris Matthews on Hardball, where the hatred of Clinton is pathological and has already crossed the line of being misogynistic years ago. If enough people flip in watching Obama given soft coverage and Hillary being crucified, of course these people are going to start peeling away from her. She is not the politician like her husband.

Matthews could scream until he was blue in the face about Bill Clinton's blow jobs. Tucker Carlson could ask for his removal from office. Bill Clinton talked over them, stomping them like little flecks of fly crap.

Any guesses as to what men and women, educated or not, actually know what the candidates positions are on taxes? On health care? On manufacturing? Is there a difference between Clinton and Obama on choice, or gay rights?

People don't know because pissants like Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson want to hire the CSI crew to examine Hillary Clinton's vagina to see if there is evidence that Clinton gave her herpes. The "uneducated" women aren't listening to this carnival show.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.