Thursday, June 21, 2007

Growing Excuse: I Am Too Religious To Do My Job

There is a growing trend of religious people who refuse to do their jobs on faith based grounds. There are Muslims who refused to scan pork items at a check out line at Target, carry passengers who wanted to bring alcohol into their cabs, and Catholic drugstore workers refusing to sell condoms.

With freedom comes challenges. If you don't want to sell people pork, don't work at a place that carries it. Religious people have become too soft and pampered due to our culture's fetishization of faith. Christians are not being fed to the lions, Muslims and Jews not being forced to convert or die at the sword of Torquemada, they just seem to complain more than those who faced these injustices.

As we prepare for the Fox News inspired war on Christmas we should reflect on this seriously, not reflexively.

Isn't the tax exempt status for places of worship, and every President and member of congress save one enough? My favorite gospel is the book of James. Faith without works is indeed dead.

60% of us can't be bothered to remember five of the ten commandments, yet we need to accommodate this deeply religious country by treating religionists as five year olds.

Can it be that kow-towing to religion has created such shallowness, and has given rise to charlatans like Dobson and Robertson? If you genuinely believe that the creator of the universe who will place you next to his bosom for infinity wants you to act a certain way, perhaps you can find a job where condoms aren't for sale and suffer. Jesus had a cross to bear. The cross of not being told Merry Christmas as you buy Doritos in late November is a great load to carry.

I have faith that we can soldier on.