Monday, June 04, 2007

Pat Robertson's Good Friend Is Boycotting His Trial

The war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor has opened amid dramatic scenes in The Hague, with the accused refusing to attend.

Mr Taylor said his trial would not be fair because he only had one defence lawyer. His counsel walked out, defying the judge's order to stay seated.

Mr Taylor is accused of backing rebels in Sierra Leone who killed and maimed thousands of civilians over 11 years.

I keep mentioning that Taylor is Pat Robertson's friend because the media doesn't. Pat can be quoted on bashing fags, abortion, and how God wants to cause earthquakes in the San Fernando valley to get the porn producers, yet his collaboration with a genocidal madman doesn't even receive much of a notice.

Other than Monica Goodling graduating from Pat's law school, his antics aren't getting scrutinized enough lately. He fleeces poor old people, sells blood diamonds with a mass murderer, and yet I see him on my tv all the time.