Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Now on Sale for Under $1,000

A post at Kurumi brings up the point of U.S. merchants using the 9 at the end of a price as a sales gimmick. Only $19.99! In May, gasoline stations in my area all held out for weeks at $2.99.9 for a gallon of gas, but at least we weren't paying $3! We got 10 gallons of gas for $29.99 instead of $30. Massive savings.

We do need to have sales tax added onto prices as they are displayed. It would be simpler, a consumer on a budget walking in a grocery store with $20 wouldn't have to figure out which items were taxable, which weren't before calculating what they could buy with their money.

They say this is a consumer economy, but it really is in favor of merchants. Want a paperback book that discusses this issue? For under $10, it can be yours. Just send $9.99 cents to....