Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bloomberg's Billions Changes the 2008 Election Profoundly

NY Mayor Bloomberg, who was a democrat before he became a Republican, now has announced that he is an Independent (He is flexible), as the first step in an expected bid to run as a third party candidate in 2008. Think Ross Perot, except he is Jewish, from New York, and likely does not believe there is a plot to disrupt his daughter's wedding. One of his daughters is single and twenty-four though, so you never know.

Bloomberg has a net worth of $5,000,000,000. That is with a B. There have been suggestions he may cut back and eat rice and ramen noodles, and sink a billion of his dollars into his candidacy, leaving him without much of a cushion.

He really hates smoking, which should play well in the south. He is divorced and dating, and he also is the second fucking NY City Mayor in this race.

His presidential credentials are even "less tangible" than Giuliani's, which is saying something. One billion dollars buys a shit load of respect, and he could be a serious spoiler. He is angling for the McCain 2000 voter who don't think Jews killed their lord and savior. It should play well in parts of Florida.

He is no lightweight on the policy front. He signed the potty parity law in NY, which guarantees more bathrooms for women in newly opened establishments. He also signed a bill banning trans-fats in NY restaurants. I predict Mayor Bloomberg will be our new overlord. We will be spied upon by cameras sticking up our butt, with the "Do What I Say Is Good For You Act of 2009" legislation helping to check up on us to see if we ate contraband Doritos, and we will thank him for it.

In 2011, a small band of rebels living underground will plot revenge. Unlike in the movies, they will fail. Viva Mikey!