Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lock Valerie Plame Up & Make Her Apologize To Conservatives

Today it's time to just say no mas. David Broder's column today is both erroneous and offensive at the same time. I want to blame it on age. Otherwise, the man is just a horse's ass. Today's column is about the Scooter Libby trial.

Now, many conservatives are up in arms about Walton "throwing the book" at Libby. Part of their criticism is based on their belief that Libby's long and effective government service -- attested to by former secretary of state Henry Kissinger and a host of other worthies-- should mitigate whatever errors in judgment he made in this case.

It goes downhill from here. One would think that referring to Henry Kissinger, Doug Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, et al as "worthies" would be the low point of a column, perhaps even a career, but Broder was just getting warmed up.

Despite the absence of any underlying crime, Fitzgerald filed charges against Libby for denying to the FBI and the grand jury that he had discussed the Wilson case with reporters. Libby was convicted on the testimony of reporters from NBC, the New York Times and Time magazine -- a further provocation to conservatives.

The CIA said Valerie Plame was covert, the Special Prosecutor said she was covert, the congressional testimony showed she was covert. Former colleagues, the judge agreed. How also are conservatives supposed to be provoked here? Libby leaked to all these "liberal" media outlets, whose reporters were willing to go to jail to protect him? It's their fault now?
I think they have a point. This whole controversy is a sideshow -- engineered partly by the publicity-seeking former ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife and heightened by the hunger in parts of Washington to "get" Rove for something or other.

They have a point??? His wife's name is Valerie Plame Wilson. She was a career CIA agent and she is a patriot whose career was ruined by people like Scooter Libby and your friend Karl Rove. You are supposed to be a journalist, not a water carrier. Dismissing her as "his wife" and pretending Karl Rove was a choir boy in all this is a discredit to truth, governmental integrity, and downright boorish.
Like other special prosecutors before him, Fitzgerald got caught up in the excitement of the case and pursued Libby relentlessly, well beyond the time that was reasonable.

A CIA agent named Valerie Plame and her CIA front company Brewster-Jennings were blown by an administration official who did it out of petty spite due to having a problem with her husband. She worked in the field of weapons of mass destruction. Anybody she met overseas was put into danger by this relevation now that their government knows she wasn't a business woman but an undercover operative trying to learn their military secrets.That is old fashioned midwestern values Dave? The mafia has a better code of ethics.

Retire please. What you wrote here was more profane than any common curse word uttered by the critics you too easily dismiss.