Monday, June 04, 2007

The Hedgehog And The $200,00 A Year Typical Young Couple

Cocaine addicted conservative columnist Larry Kudlow has a bone to pick with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary last night promised to do the “hard work” of increasing taxes. But what her so-called “fairness” plan is really about is income redistribution and class envy.

The class war has been won by your team Larry, be a bit gracious. Clinton is not suggesting that your Patek Phillippe be redistributed to a temp office worker in Topeka, Kansas. She is just suggesting that all those who enjoyed the massive tax breaks of the past few years need to quit being such greedy fucking hogs. You will blow the money on cocaine anyways. Think of this as an intervention.

It would damage investors, large and small businesses, and successful earners climbing the ladder of prosperity.

You keep saying this, but where is your data? Clinton raised taxes on the wealthy in the 1990's and we did quite well thank you very much.

Why penalize them with a tall-tax toll barrier that would be constructed in front of the $200,000 dollar husband and wife earnings that so many young couples aspire to? That’s her platform after all.

It's all part of the twisted liberal agenda. Nobody now is going to want to make $200,000 if they are going to be taxed higher at that point. I predict a wave of people refusing to ask for raises once they earn $199,999.99. It would be pointless after that. Considering the fact that only 2.67% of American households take in $200,000 a year, they can keep on dreaming right Larry? This is not a Horatio Alger novel, (He was a pedophile by the way), this is reality. How long can you fool people into thinking they will be the lucky duckies in that top 2.67% anyways?

Why damage stocks? Why attack investors in the ownership class? Why damage economic growth or the roaring bull market?

I was joking before, but are you really back on the white powder? "Roaring Bull Market"? I mean really. Stocks are up, but come on. This is not the 1990's, when stocks were really doing well. I guess when the Dow actually doesn't lose money in a year that Bush is in office the market is unstoppable. When the democratic President swears into office in January 2009 and outperforms Bush's stock market you will call that growth anemic, because you are not just a hedgehog, but a dick too.

Note:That really isn't a picture of Larry Kudlow. He calls himself the hedgehog, I guess as a pun about hedge funds (ha ha ha). This was the first hedgehog I could find that would piss him off.