Monday, June 11, 2007

Expel Lieberman From His Committee Chairmanship Tonight

Once again, Joe Lieberman stabbed his former democratic colleagues in the back. While a handful of Republicans voted with the democrats to vote no confidence in Alberto Gonzales, Lieberman stood "bravely" with 38 Republicans to say "heckofa job" Abu. Leadership means doing the right thing.

Lieberman's reasoning is likely the following. Sure, Alberto Gonzales may be an incompetent manager, has acted unethically, likely perjured himself in front of congress. He has taken no responsibility for the US Attorney firing scandal but....

Alberto Gonzales believes the Geneva Conventions and the Magna Carta are quaint. Lieberman wants us to torture more than he cares about the constitution. How Harry Reid can allow Lieberman to caucus with the majority, and have the chairmanship of the Governmental Affairs Committee is beyond me. Leadership means doing the right thing.

Lieberman already broke a campaign promise to use this perch to investigate what happened during Katrina, to only right after the election say he was teasing. Leadership means doing the right thing.

A person who approves of torture, constitutional violations and incompetence has no business being aligned with a democratic majority. By condoning Lieberman's actions, it makes it hard for voters to tell the difference between Democrats and the Conneticut for Lieberman party? Is there a difference Senator Reid?

If you feel inclined to call the Majority Leader on this issue, the number for the Capital switchboard is (202) 224-3121.