Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Dumb Question

Andrew Sullivan links approvingly to a Wall Street Journal op-ed that asks the following question.

"No one has so far explained why it's fine for Mr. Bloomberg to advance his own political career using his personal fortune, but it would be "dirty" for him to bankroll someone else who shared his agenda. As long as voters knew where the money came from, they'd be free to decide whether it tainted the candidate or not. Such donations could be posted instantly on the Internet,"

If Michael Bloomberg himself was the only donor to a campaign and we created a special Bloomie only can finance elections of other candidates law, maybe this internet thing can work.

Here is how that will end up in practice. Five hundred wealthy individuals and PACS would finance a campaign. You are shocked when the new President vetoes the education bill demanding we privatize it all? It's your own damed fault. That $3,000,000 donation disclosed on page 127 of his report was there on the internet. Didn't you see it? North Dakodans for Banjo Music and Surfing made that contribution. It's your problem if you didn't do better research to see who funded it.