Sunday, June 10, 2007

Clinton Derangement Syndrome

Atrios posted a piece by David Broder from back during the impeachment era where Broder launched a broadside against noted historians such as Arthur Schlesinger Jr. for well saying that impeaching Clinton over lying about a blow job was dumb.

Atrios' angle is a bit different than mine. I just want to know what gives is all. "Mainstream Journalists" such as Broder, Chris Matthews, Maureen Dowd were raging out of control. Off with his head was the tenor of their columns. This was because he lied about oral sex with an intern.

We now have two trillion in long term costs estimated for the Iraq snipe hunt. Bush thinks that whole 1215 habeas corpus thing is outdated, the Geneva conventions are quaint, torture is a good thing, and the list goes on. Where is their outrage now?

This is not an exercise in bashing them. I genuinely want to know. How could Clinton getting his rocks off literally send them over the edge, but this doesn't. It doesn't even have to make logical sense, it's just the process of thinking that fascinates me.

Anybody have any ideas?

Update:To be clear, I am not being snarky. Clinton's love life genuinely upset them in ways Bush's conduct hasn't. The pathology is intruiging.