Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Bow Tie That Binds Us Like Shackles

George Will has been concerned about the plight of African-American women for a long time. It's not just been since at least 1PM Friday when he was writing his column for the Sunday Washington Post. Black women are being oppressed by the man, and Will is around to protect their virtue because he really gives a shit about any person of color not named Condi or Clarence no matter what his critics may say.

Marriage is the foundation of the natural family and sustains family values. That sentence is inflammatory, perhaps even a hate crime. At least it is in Oakland, Calif. That city's government says those words, italicized here, constitute something akin to hate speech and can be proscribed from the government's open e-mail system and employee bulletin board.

Some African American Christian women working for Oakland's government organized the Good News Employee Association (GNEA), which they announced with a flier describing their group as "a forum for people of Faith to express their views on the contemporary issues of the day. With respect for the Natural Family, Marriage and Family Values."

George Will didn't find this story on a right wing website or on hate radio. He was in church in Oakland, singing in the gospel choir as he is oft to do. After church, as he was helping making his famous black eyed pea recipe for the potluck, he heard that his life's work crusading for minority women wasn't finished.

It turns out that Oakland is supportive of queer rights. George Will was too shy to mention it, but the Good News Employee Association wanted to use the city's bulletin board system to state that marriage is one man, one woman, as God and the state of California agreed upon.

This group of black women was being brutally whipped and gagged by the city of Oakland, which by the way has a sodomite friendly agenda. Those sensitive homos with near to San Francisco values didn't want to be told about how they were inferior citizens. The powers that be in Oakland attacked George Will's chosen people. George Will has fought for the freedom of black women all his life. But, to see them being denied civil rights again in 2007 hurt him in ways that shredded his soul.

Sure it may not be the triangle trade of sugar, slaves, and rum but it is a slippery slope. The next thing you know, Orthodox Jews won't be able to insult women who haven't gone through ritual purity baths before sitting on office furniture. Voodoo priests won't be able to curse people through the DMV's instant messaging system. Catholic city planners not being able to tell people they are going to hell for using condoms surely need an email system for their voice to be heard don't they?

George Will's inner black woman has finally been unleashed. Swing low, sweet chariot. Preach it to us brother George.