Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blah. Broke a Cardinal Blogging Rule

I wrote a post this morning that was filled with a huge error on the discovery of Hatshepsut. An alleged human being commented on that error, and I use that term to be polite instead of something worse. They then accused me of another error that I didn't make. I got so pissed off trying to edit the post for the error I genuinely did make, while addressing the jerk's point being wrong, in a moment of anger I deleted the post.

I don't want to delete my mistake though. I mixed up the lover of Hatshepsut, incorrectly stating it was Imhotep. I was wrong. I never want to pretend that I don't screw up at times, especially working on memory without fact checking.

There indeed has been speculation on Thutmosis murdering Hatshepsut, even though you said there hadn't. I feel better now.

It was a light hearted post this morning on a topic I haven't paid attention to in twenty years. I was sloppy in my post, but much of my joy about the news has been killed due to my crappy error and the commenter's obnoxious way of pointing it out.

The error of course was all mine.

End Meta.