Tuesday, May 01, 2007

You Silly Man Animal You, Mitt Romney

Sorry, that's an inside joke for anybody who watched the dreadful Scientology movie Battlefield Earth, The NY Times, via Ana Marie Cox reports that Mitt Romney says the tome by L. Ron Hubbard is his favorite book evah!
When asked his favorite novel in an interview shown yesterday on the Fox News Channel, Mitt Romney pointed to “Battlefield Earth,” a novel by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. That book was turned into a film by John Travolta, a Scientologist.
A spokesman said later it was one of Mr. Romney’s favorite novels.
“I’m not in favor of his religion by any means,” Mr. Romney, a Mormon, said. “But he wrote a book called ‘Battlefield Earth’ that was a very fun science-fiction book.” Asked about his favorite book, Mr. Romney cited the Bible.

Romney is being doubly full of crap here. He likes a really bad book by a lunatic, then tries to come and say that he enjoys the bible best. Not the book of Mormon? Really? He is just digging himself in deeper here. I have no more problems with Mormonism than most of the other religions. Romney is just trying to figure out the best answer to questions, and not the truth, and is looking ridiculous in the process.

Battlefield Earth was a terrible book, and a horrific movie. My wife and I saw it opening week-end, deliberately on a lark to mock it. We are bored that way. We paid money to see another movie, so we wouldn't influence the box office, even though it didn't matter much. There were 8 apparent scientologists in the entire theater with us. They were not amused when we mocked the cheesy dialogue, laughed out loud at ridiculous scenes as well as the gaping plot holes, and terrible camera work.

The book wasn't as bad as the movie, but it was close enough. As a Christmas stockign stuffer treat, I got a John Travolta doll from the movie, that is still enclosed in it's packaging. It was on the bargain bin aisle. Hopefully, it will be worth something one day on E-Bay.

Mitt Romney's chances though are dwindling each day.