Friday, May 18, 2007

Why I Really Hate Televangelists

For the past five minutes, I got glued to the 700 Club, AKA Pat Robertson's infomercial for sending him money and casting out demons and the like.

They did a "profile" of a believing couple. The guy was in construction, the woman was in real estate. They just closed a home, and two days later the guy ruptured his back.
They had a $3200 mortgage payment that they couldn't afford without him working because the real estate market was tight.

They were members of the "thousand" club. They gave Pat Robertson $84 a month, or $1,000 a year. The money could have been used to pay the phone bill, but instead of not tithing money to Pat Robertson, they followed his advice. Giving Pat money will automatically give you blessings. So the wife put $84 on her credit card at the "convenient website".

Miraculously, the husband's back healed and he got back to work without surgery, and the wife started selling alot of real estate even in a dead market, and they were able to refinance and pay off all their debts.

Why? They gave Pat Robertson money and God provided for them. God wants you to send money to Pat, or he isn't going to help you.

That bastard. I am picturing widows skipping their medications, in order to send Pat Robertson a check. It is one thing to tell people to give to a ministry to keep it going, to keep it's works going. It's another to tell them, that if you give all your money to Pat, God is going to hook you up more. How many people are being hurt by this man's crass greed?

That bastard.