Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why I Missed Most of The Monica Goodling Hearing

Well, quite frankly the mother-in-law wanted to go shopping and out to eat. Dutiful son in law that I am, there was compliance. The start of the hearing that I did see, Goodling sounded like an 8 year old who was very hyper. The little girl voice is off putting, especially when you consider this woman's credentials were bible school and Regent University, and was at the age of 31 placed in one of the top positions of the justice department.

I know her voice isn't her fault, but it does reinforce the concept of young Sampson and Goodling, political hacks, being given positions beyond their age and experience due to their ideology as opposed to their competence. She did basically admit illegally hiring due to political litmus tests, but otherwise seemed to cover for Karl Rove and Harriet Meiers.

We went to the dreaded Wal-Mart today. Ugh. Their prices on some items have risen 28% this year. When I go, which is very rarely, usually in tow like today, I pick up generic soda. It has gone up from 50 to 64 cents. Their numbers aren't doing too great either. I think same store sales figures were down 4.5%. I am too lazy to look up those numbers. It's not looking too great now. They have peaked me thinks.

Alot of prices are increasing these days. Gasoline is the big culprit. Small businesses are getting hit especially hard. Farmers who drive 50-100 miles to the farmer's market are talking about raising prices because of the extra fuel costs that is making the trip much less profitable.

Rambling post, but I am tired, cranky, and always get this way after going to wally world. Will have more substantive things to say later.