Friday, May 11, 2007

What Digby Said And More

Digby has yet another great post on the back and forth between Glenn Greenwald and Joe Klein with some other thoughts along the way. I want to highlight one thing that has driven me nuts for the last six years.

When the equally phony George W. Bush came to town it was love at first sight, and why wouldn't it be? Here you had a man whom these people could truly admire --- a rich man of the bluest blood, born into one of the most powerful families in America who nonetheless pretended to be some hick from Midland Texas. He took great pride in his phoniness, just as they did, and they all danced this absurd kabuki in perfect step for years each pretending to the other that they were all "just regular guys."

George W. Bush's pedigree is pretty much unmatched in this country. His father was President George W. Bush, his grandfather was Connecticut Senator Prescott Bush. The Walker in his middle name stands for the same Walker as in the trophy in Golf. His mother is related to Franklin Pierce, was the daughter of the President of the McCall magazine empire.

George W. Bush summered in Connecticut, went to Andover, Harvard and Yale, and we are supposed to pretend that he is a simple Texas good old boy. As many have noted, his Texas dialect has grown much more pronounced since he actually left Texas to enter the White House.

Bush is the elite of the elites. He has banking, commercial, publishing, political, economic connections that are breathtaking. Why do we play along with his routine of being a simple hick? He may not be all that intellectually curious, but the man wasn't raised in a turnip field either.