Monday, May 21, 2007

Voter Fraud, Schmoter Fraud.

During four years as a Justice Department civil rights lawyer, Hans von Spakovsky went so far in a crusade against voter fraud as to warn of its dangers under a pseudonym in a law journal article.

Writing as "Publius," von Spakovsky contended that every voter should be required to produce a photo-identification card and that there was "no evidence" that such restrictions burden minority voters disproportionately.

Now, amid a scandal over politicization of the Justice Department, Congress is beginning to examine allegations that von Spakovsky was a key player in a Republican campaign to hang onto power in Washington by suppressing the votes of minority voters.

First, the guy is a total dick for pretending he was Alexander Hamilton writing a federalist paper as his pseudonym. I have nothing obviously against online anonymity. Hubris on the other hand amuses me. This asshole was trying to make sure too many brown skinned people didn't vote.

If I was Aaron Burr, I would be king of Texas. But, I might also have to challenge this guy's ass to a duel in order to defend the honor of the justice department. I also want to thank McClatchy for continuing to be ahead of the rest of the pack on this story. Please read the entire article.