Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Top Internet Lunatic Hates Rudy Giuliani

Jim Robinson, the proprietor or Free Republic, a message board for people who sleep with their cousins and drag their knuckles on the ground is mad. Rudy Giuliani apparently has a secret plot to change the entire Republican platform into a pro abortion, pro orgy, pro gun festival of libertines. I would think that Rudy sleeping with his cousin would have been a bonus with these guys, but apparently inbreeding only is a minor part of their agenda.

Here's an interesting old post from several years ago where I was promoting the Republican party over the Democrat(sic) party because the Democrat(sic) party was not only thoroughly corrupt, but evil as well. And the evil I was referring to was primarily due to its official party support for government sanctioned wholesale slaughter of innocent and helpless life in the womb: abortion. So now if Giuliani becomes the head of the Republican party and abortion becomes the official policy of the Republican party, does the Republican party also wear the mantle of "evil?" How do we keep this evilness out of government if both major parties support abortion? And I have to ask as did my political foes of old, if both parties support abortion, feminism, homosexualism, hate crimes/thought crimes legislation, gun control, illegal immigration, etc, what's the difference?

I am supporting homosexualism myself, but only when it's done right. Two gay guys who are awkward in bed is totally unsexy. This leading light of the online wingnut set thinks that Giuliani is about to nominate RuPaul to the bench. If only were it so!
I love my country. I love the Constitution. I love life. I love God. I know that the Democrats hate my country, hate the Constitution, hate God and hate human life. I see that the only Party capable of blocking and defeating the evil Democrats is the Republican Party. I see that many races are so close that as little as a one percent siphon of conservative votes to a third party could be the difference between success and failure. I see allowing a Democrat to remain in power when it could have been prevented as a triumph of evil.

Jim Robinson

It's true. I am evil. Heck, I didn't even weep when Jerry Falwell died yesterday. Well, once when I laughed at a Tinky Winky joke there were tears, but they don't really count.

What fascinates me is the mouthbreathers are claiming they will bolt if Rudy wins the nomination. Or are they? Picture yourself back in 1999. The economy was humming, gasoline was cheap, the President could speak coherently. It was a kinder gentler time.

A young dreamer from Texas had decided to run for President. George W. Bush was his name, and compassion was his game. Jim Robinson was not amused.

So, it doesn't matter if he snorted coke as a youth? It was a long time ago, a youthful indiscretion? Kinda like people who frequented sneakeasies during prohibition? Kind of a cute story, eh? Well, how about all the people whose lives have been destroyed by being arrested for the felony of drug possession? What about the millions of people who are rotting away in your filthy drug infested prisons at this very moment?

Well, by God, if you people insist on electing another cokehead as President, you damned well better throw open all the prison cell doors and free every man, woman, and child you're holding on drug charges. And if you're gonna elect another drug felon as President, you'd better rescind each and every one of your unconstitutional drug laws now on the books, including all of your unconstitutional search and seizure laws, and your asset forfeiture laws, and your laws that enable your unconstitutional snooping into our bank accounts and cash transactions. Well, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. You people are sick! Conservatives my ass. You people are nothing but a bunch of non-thinking hypocrits! You're a shame and a disgrace to the Republic!

And, I, for one, am tired of taking orders from cokeheads and felons! Elect another one and I'll tell you what. I'll be ready for war! It'll be time to take up arms and run the filthy lying bastards out!

Once Bush had the primary sewn up, Robinson pretended he never said this. So, I predict that if Rudy Giuliani gets the nomination, like the good Republican soldier that he is, Robinson will again be a lying stupid worthless hypocrite with no principles. Like I said, a good Republican.