Thursday, May 03, 2007

Toddler blogging: Nature vs Nurture

My boy caught in the act of using my $90 chinois as a helmet. I had let him keep it on but relieved him of the broom he was using as a sword to stab the file cabinet. He has never watched a middle ages or pirate movie ever. Honestly! He is obsessed with cars, planes, helicopters,trains, construction equipment, and dirt. There has been no encouragement of these fixations. He just naturally wanted to yell and scream with excitement at all things mechanical, and messy.

I grew up in a house where we didn't have soldier toys, GI Joys, fake guns. I was into sports instead, again without much parental direction. I was raised by a single mother. Somehow, I do suspect we are hardwired. My toddler has the same temperment at 2 1/2 as he did at 3 months. We shall see if much changes.

The new baby is easy going and mellow. I know parental guidance, peer pressure, advertising play a big role in how people turn out when they grow up. I just know from experience that my boy has turned out to be very much a boy all by himself.