Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Suborning Perjury, Witness Tampering, Lying To Congress

That should be the highlight of Monica Goodling's testimony at the end of the day. Alberto Gonzales testified in front of congress that he didn't know who put the names on the list of fired attorneys because he didn't want to interfere with the investigation by colluding with other people who would have to testify in front of congress.

Today, Monica Goodling testified that Alberto Gonzales tried to collude on testimony with her after it was known congress wanted to speak with her. He also lied about not discussing the case with other key witnesses. This is three felonies right there.

The attorney general of the United States has committed multiple felonies.

Monica Goodling testified that Kyle Sampson lied to congress about putting Bud Cummings on the list. She testified that Deputy AG McNalty lied to congress about not being aware of white house involvement. She testified that she illegally staffed the justice department on a loyalty basis.

So far, we just have Goodling's word that one name was put on the list by one person. The AG, and his three top deputies have now all testified to congress that none of them are aware of who added the names to the list. We get cynical about politics and treat it as a sport, but Monica Goodling today in essence testified that everybody in the leadership of the justice department is a felon.

Where is Barry Goldwater? Will one Republican stand up and say we believe in conservative values of obeying the law, being honest and scrupulous in our public service, having personal integrity? Is there no-one?

A quick addendum:Other than Kyle Sampson putting Bud Cummings name on the list to be fired according to Goodling, nobody yet has taken any responsibility. All the top people at Justice have testified. They have all denied doing it, or knowing who did. Using Occam's razor, one of them is lying. Even if the White House drew up the list, they had to hand it to somebody at justice. The person would be either Sampson, Goodling, McNulty, or Gonzales. There is a lot of perjury going on.