Sunday, May 20, 2007

Romney Dominating in The Polls That Matter

Mitt Romney has comfortable leads in both the Zogby poll in New Hampshire, and the Des Moines Register poll of Iowa, both just released this week.As one who complains sometimes about the horse race coverage of politics, this is an interesting story. John Edwards' numbers in these two early states also are being underplayed.

A new AP survey suggested that Illinois is demographically the most representative when it comes to race, religion, age, urban vs rural and other factors.

One of the reasons I dislike the Iowa/New Hampshire stranglehold on the start of the season is because of the undue effect they have on the populace. A New AP survey shows Illinois to be the most demographically typical state when it comes to factors such as race, age, income, urban vs rural and the like. What happens in the current system is something called momentum. If Romney and Edwards stay atop in these two key states, they will surpass Giuliani and McCain, or Clinton and Obama respectively to be the front runners. Then we will all be shocked about the big change in the race, when we shouldn't be.

I have only seen candidates in North and South Carolina for Romney. No other candidate has started to saturate the air waves like his campaign has. It's going to start paying off dividends. This early seed money is going to boost further fund raising for him. Or then again, he could be Howard Dean redux.