Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Republican Debate So Far

First I have to discuss Chris Matthews. He does get the bonus point for asking the stem cell question. But, his Reagan worship is really unseemly for both a moderator, an alleged journalist, and lest we forget, an aide to Tip O'Neil who was the loyal opposition to Reagan. Matthews was talking about how the cab drivers all got Reagan, and Reagan invented optimism, and personally built the city on a shining hill. Enough already.

McCain started out creepy. He acted like an angry old man. Then he threatened to track down Osama to the gates of hell and gave a smile like you would give to your girlfriend when you were still in the hunting stage, and weren't expecting her over that night. McCain did get a bit better.

Rudy actually started out pretty decently, but his attempts at confusing the Republican voters about his abortion positions was quite sleazy. His answer to the question about Roe V Wade being overturned as being "It's Ok", was pretty damned shameful. He should just flip flop like Romney already if he wants the job that badly.

Romney may be a Mormon, but he acts like a christian televangelist, he even has the hair for it. Trying to nuance his religion by saying Americans only care about having a religious president, not what the hell they believe is frankly dumb. We are not having a Rastafarian/Scientologist ticket running against Islam/Unitarian opponents any time soon.

Tancredo is crazy, but he is actually doing himself favors by not being as big of a loud mouthed jerk as he is apt to do.

Tommy Thompson is doddering and irrelevant.

Gov. Gilmore got those car taxes cut. He thinks this makes him Presidential.

Ron Paul is a libertarian. He is never going to win any other office and be happy for being in congress.

I am thinking that Romney likely is helping himself because he is coming off smoothly. It's ok if you are a Republican. If he was a democrat, with his waffling, breezy answers, and good hair, they would be calling him Slick Willie Deux.

McCain seems to be going downhill. He was actually a better candidate in 2000 until Karl Rove had his way with him. That and age equals unelectable.