Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Pope Is A Cafeteria Catholic

Pope Benedict decried the growing gap between rich and poor in Latin America on Sunday but told priests to stay out of politics even as they fight for social justice.

The Pope also urged Latin American bishops to do more to confront challenges threatening the Roman Catholic Church, including the defection of millions of followers to Protestant churches.

His call to action came at the end of a five-day visit to Brazil, where he tried to revive the church's waning influence in Latin America five centuries after priests stood alongside the first Spanish and Portuguese explorers.

The pope thinks it's fine for the church to excommunicate politicians in the US and Mexico who support abortion rights, but it would be offensive to get involved in politics when it comes to matters of economic justice.

May I rant for a second? This is what really pisses me off about the Catholic Church. I am not a Catholic basher(IANACB). But, the church has to decide if they want to turn into a reactionary right wing unbalanced faith, or actually be christ like and care more about the poor than people's sexual preferences, and women's personal choice when it comes to pregnancy. I am not asking the church to change views that they take on faith and doctrine. Is enforcing them equally too much to ask?

You can't have it both ways Pontiff. Jesus' spoke a wee bit more about the poor, the needy than the gays and the fetuses. Perhaps it was an oversight or something. I am sick and tired of politicians who hate the poor, love capital punishment, applaud war s of aggression being considered "good Catholics" while this hypocrisy against liberal Catholics continues relentlessly.

Pick a position and stick with it.