Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Congressman Heath Shuler Is Getting Irksome

He voted against the McGovern Amendment to redeploy out of Iraq. I accept that Shuler is a conservative democrat, and on issues such as abortion, stem cell research, he and I may not see eye to eye, and can respect the difference of opinion. He campaigned on stating that Iraq was a disaster. He owns part of this war now.

Karl Rove was in the district two weeks ago. Ads from astroturf groups have gone up against him. He is being a moral coward. I can't respect him for that.

Shuler like Lampson in TX, and Carney in PA are convinced that they can only hold onto their seats taken from corrupt Republicans by throwing so many bones to conservatives that they will choke on them. Does this strategy ever really pay off?

We shall see. Those voters excited to remove "Chainsaw" Charlie Taylor may not be as energized at the polls after Shuler has turned into a cynical politician after just a few months in DC.