Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Food Safety Issues From Chinese Imports

U.S. officials asked their Chinese counterparts to increase oversight of food and drug exports Thursday as the list of potentially deadly products reaching U.S. shores kept growing.

The problems don’t stop at pet food. For April, China was No. 1 in countries whose imports were stopped at the border by the Food and Drug Administration. The list includes filthy mushrooms, drug-laced frozen eel and juice made with unsafe color additives.

“There is a harsh reality here: When it comes to food, ‘Made in China’ is now a warning label in the United States,” said Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., who earlier this month exacted a promise from FDA commissioner Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach and Chinese Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong that they would work toward a mutual agreement to improve inspections and the overall safety of food products and drugs traded between the two nations.

When asked Thursday if consumers could trust the safety of food imported from China, von Eschenbach told The AP: “This is one area where we have an ongoing opportunity for continuous improvement and that’s what we are going to pursue.”

In other words, no. Ongoing opportunity? This is our FDA commissioner spinning the fact that regulations are weak to be mild. Whatever isn't caught at the border, your family has an ongoing opportunity to be a guinea pig.

H/T Americablog.