Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Hedgehog & The Angry Electorate

(Larry Kudlow is amused by our misfortune.)

His mind racing as it used to do on an alcohol and cocaine binge back in the day,(did he party with Bush?), Larry "the hedgehog" Kudlow worries that the democrats may be overplaying their hands and are about to suffer tragic defeat due to tax and defense policies.
Watching the two presidential debates, one can’t help but notice the stark differences between each party’s approach to these core issues. And it’s hard to see how the general electorate is going to buy what the Democrats are selling.

To a person, each Democratic presidential candidate wants to undermine the global war against jihadist terrorism — wherever it may be and especially in Iraq. The Democrats see a civil war in Iraq, where the Republicans view a growing al Qaeda threat. And while Republicans talk about significantly increasing the defense budget and expanding American force levels for all the armed services, the Democrats are hoping for some sort of Iraqi peace dividend upon immediate withdrawal — one that can be re-channeled into higher domestic social spending.

Yes, the war in Iraq is terribly popular. A democrat suggesting that we pull out of Iraq is going to suffer at the polls due to the angry electorate screaming at them for being defeatocrats. What are they thinking? They are going to lose 380 house seats according to my calculations.

To a person, each Democratic presidential candidate also wants to raise taxes on the rich and roll back President Bush’s tax cuts. The Republicans, however, understand that those tax cuts have propelled economic growth and contributed to a stock market boom. And they recognize that Bush’s Goldilocks bull-market economy — which I call the greatest story never told — relies on extending the investor tax cuts and perhaps even moving forward with a flat tax or national sales tax.

Raising taxes on the rich is terrible politics! Considering the fact that 85% of the American people bring home $10,000,000 or more a year, where are the votes going to come from for this hair-brained idea? Sure the 15% of people who only make six figures a year (our lower class) might enjoy a moderate tax break for them combined with taxes on that large majority, but do the math already? My calculations prove every Senate democrat except for Daniel Akaka will lose in 2008, even though most of their seats aren't up.

Yes. It is that bad.